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RamBase support for Internet Explorer
To be discontinued from Saturday, 1 June 2019
For several decades Internet Explorer (IE) has been the default browser on most workplaces. However, IE's market share has decreased considerably the past years and Microsoft is now advising companies not to use Internet Explorer unless needed due to compatibility. IE is no longer being developed to support new web standards.

In order to provide RamBase users with the best modern web experiences, and to focus our development efforts into making features that brings value to our customers, we are planning to discontinue RamBase support for IE from 01.06.2019. We will continue to support both Micrsoft Edge and Google Chrome web browsers.

Should you suspect that this may cause any problems for your company, please report this to the RamBase helpdesk within 15.04.2019 with reference to "Discontinue Internet Explorer support"

If no reasons to hold the discontinuation are detected, we will make an official announcement during April.
Rambase work best on Google Chrome & Edge

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